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Family owned and operated with 25 years of service to our customers. Delivering the highest standards in OEM New & Rebuilt Porsche parts. 

LAD has built its business on successful, long-term relationships with our clients. Our commitment to a quality product, prompt and efficient service, as well as our extensive product knowledge and technical expertise has made us the Porsche parts industry leader. Whether you are restoring, rebuilding, maintaining or upgrading your Porsche, LADismantler has all the Porsche parts and accessories you'll need at the best prices. Please take the time to browse through our extensive OEM & Aftermarket Porsche Parts.

Los Angeles LA Dismantler specializes in late model 911 Boxster & Cayman cars, new and used parts.  LA Dismantler has the largest inventory of the best salvaged parts at reasonable prices.  New inventory is updated on a regular basis and items are priced low to turnover quickly.  Parts for your daily driver or weekend rides. LA Dismantler was established in the 90’s in Sun Valley, near Burbank,minutes from Los Angeles.

Used Porsche Parts, Porsche Salvage, Carefully Chosen

Proudly serving the Porsche community over 2 decades, unparalleled experience in all aspects of air or water cooled Porsches, a massive inventory of used Porsche parts.

We’ve owned hundreds of Porsches and many exotics. Some rebuilt, some sold as projects, some continue to provide used 911 parts on our shelves where they supply used 911 parts to the Porsche community.

Ride with Us

Join Sara & other Porsche People every weekend as we travel to local, domestic and international Porsche events!


Why buy from Los Angeles Dismantler? The founders are Porsche owners and aficionados.

Sara Dakarmen

The current CEO President owner co-founder is truly dedicated to the community! She attends all major Porsche global events, it’s very active in the PCA, is an ambassador as well as started many groups including Porsche Women Global and Porsche People Global And with divisions in many cities states and countries. 

My dad got a Porsche when I was 10, met my late husband at 20. If I wanted to date him, I had to sit in a cold garage while he tinkered on his Porsches. We started our company LA Dismantler in the 90’s and became the most sought-after Porsche parts distributors worldwide. My husband passed 3 years ago, so I had to take back the reins while raising 4 girlshomeschooledThe business continues to expand globally, and as a widowed mom and entrepreneur, I have my 4 girls by my side as we grow together.

 LA Distmantler has become one of the world’s largest late model Porsche salvage brokers and dismantling providers of recycled, second-hand and pre-owned Porsche parts for restoration and project owners, dealerships, mechanics, racing teams, Motorsports technicians, engine builders, body shops and repair facilities. The name has become synonymous with customer service, integrity and reliability.

I’ve enjoyed many Porsches from Boxster to Carrera GT to Cup to Exotics, Bentley/Luxury to H1 Hummer, Ducati. 

I love the community and connecting to people, especially women, who share the same love and passion that I do. Going to events, shows, auctions also my “social media” friends and running my Porsche People Chat Live Series, are opportunities to get to know all the amazing people in the industry. 

Got involved in Social Media and immersed myself the community.  Longer versions are in my posts / interviews / shows...
Have had too many Porsches to count Boxster to Carrera GT to Cup to Exotics to Bentley/Luxury to H1 Hummer to Ducati... 
Sara Dakarmen has been rocking the Porsche world for over 20 years. She and her late husband Co-Founded Los Angeles Dismantler in the 90’s and become the most sought-after Porsche parts distributors worldwide. The business continued to expanded globally, and the name has become synonymous with customer service, integrity, and reliability to provide customers with their exact needs. After her husband’s passing, Sara forged ahead and has become one of the most well established in her field. A rare feat in a predominantly male dominated industry.
Sara is an ambassador on the Porsche Club of America PCA LA Board, and this 6’ blonde-haired, green-eyed force to be reckoned with can almost always be seen at car events, shows, and auctions. As one of the world’s largest late model Porsche salvage brokers and dismantling provider’s, her customer base reaches around the world to provide recycled, second-hand, and pre-owned Porsche parts for restoration and project owners, dealerships, mechanics, racing teams, Motorsports technicians, engine builders, body shops, and repair facilities.


The former CEO who has passed on bought his first Porsche at age sixteen and has taken more cars apart than most body shops.  Almost every person in his family is a Porsche driver and while Los Angeles Dismantler started as a hobby it has evolved into a business that understands and supports Porsche owners and their needs.  You will find hard to locate parts at hard to beat prices.  LA Dismantler provides value to customers by standing behind the name and does its best to deliver quality and value using integrity and  fair business practices.

Customers will experience responsive, professional service, with the added bonus of extensive product knowledge, and technical expertise.  We started this business with you in mind and will provide you with unprecedented service. LA Dismantler will exceed your expectations.



Keeping Porsches on the Road Globally 22+ years! Yours need parts?
Mission Statement
For over 2 Decades, IPD, Inc. (stands for International P Dismantler) DBA Los Angeles / LA Dismantler strives to provide the highest level of service, honesty and integrity. Our promise is to exceed the expectations of our clients by utilizing the knowledge and experience of our dedicated staff to meet your Porsche needs on every level including purchase, sales, or representation by providing exceptional quality, integrity and professionalism in all of our business transactions.
Largest used pre-owned rebuilt project Porsche late model dismantling recycling breaker wrecker spare parts properly documented supplier in the US world or universe!  Great deals, fast delivery, easy and expert knowledgable staff.

Los Angeles Dismantler's philosophy and ambition is to become the leading dismantler of Porsche automobiles and parts. Los Angeles Dismantler prides itself on being one of the cleanest salvage facilities in the industry.  Los Angeles Dismantler has received recognition by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and State Water Resources Control Board for properly disposing of waste

Used pre-owned Porsche parts for models  911 Carrera Turbo Boxster Cayenne GT2 GT3.  
For 356 early 911 912 914 924 928 944 951 968 we can contact our trusted vendors if we have time (we get a large amount of incoming requests).
We have provided used Porsche parts to 911 enthusiasts LIST ALL PORSCHE TERMS for over 22+ years. Quality parts at reasonable prices for Porsche 911, Porsche 964 Porsche 993 Porsche Boxster Porsche Cayman. Our CA California location is close Los Angeles Orange County San Francisco to freeways interstate highways, cargo carries, international port of Long Beach public and private airports LAX Van Nuys Whiteman Santa Monica. We sells used Porsche engines, transmissions, interiors and more.


Millions of genuine OEM parts inventory including pre-loved:
engines: Flat Six 6 2.7 3.0 3.2 3.4 3.6 3.8...
transmissions: ...
wheels/rims: Fuchs twists design... tires not guaranteed & can be removed to save shipping
seats/seatbelts: front/rear passenger/driver buckles male/female
Conversions: Targa/Cabriolet to Coupe w/without sunroof, tiptronic to manual...
Outlaws: sheet metal to transform any chassis
aftermarket: race/racing exhaust...
interior: dash vents door panels steering wheel gauges instrument cluster trim switches
suspension: shocks control arms hubs rack and pinion 
No part is too small, some take time to locate
Can order new parts: seals, maintenance...
Give us the part numbers #’s and VIN to help us search.
If it’s not in stock now check back we got new Porsches all the time!
Buy/Consign US/nationwide: Porsches & parts... In a body shop? Technician/mechanic have it? Insurance company settle with you? We can guide you to buy back & profit. No insurance? Damage? Wreck? Fire? Total loss / totaled? ... Quick Easy Painless - no tire kickers or time wasters
Referral Fee: Find someone that needs parts that doesn’t know us, we’ll give a credit or discount on your next part.
Finders Fee: Find a Porsche for sale, if we purchase we’ll we’ll give a credit or discount on your next part.


Porsche Classic Genuine Parts Explorer a catalog of timeless classic / vintage air & water cooled.  Over 70% of Porsches built are still on the road today!  We are here to help it stay that way!

The Porsche Experience is about the Passion of the drivers, the builders, the technicians / mechanics who service them in shops around the world! The supply of reissued Classic Genuine OEM Parts enables us to make a vital contribution to this. Every Porsche stays a Porsche down to the last part. We are your partner and center directly supplying parts to the internationalPorsche network. The aim of this extensive supply is unadulterated driving pleasure with an originalPorsche and all the parts that makes it one.


Quickly & easily connect with us to find parts for your model type & year.

Porsche high performance racing starts from novice to professional racers on the street, drive, autocross or track (the safest place).  Get better by training through levels and join a group such as PCA or POC or Porsche Experience Centers ADD LINKS

Pre-owned Porsche Projects - want to find your next project chassis builder outlaw to build and make your own?We are sure you will find your perfect Porsche!


Porsches reach:  The heart starts beating in Zuffenhausen home to the Porsche Factory series production of standard and racing sports cars & Museum.  Weissach is where research & development happens, design test workshop motorsports.  Ludwigsburg houses after sales. Leipzig produces Cayenne Panamera Macan.  Sachsenheim supplies parts to Porsche dealers around the world!

Do you travel or take adventures with your Porshe?  Take it on coastal routes, winding mountain roads, switchbacks, find new territory and make the journey the destination.


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