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Connecting with Porsche Women from around

the world

by Petrol Mum

June 29, 2021

The Porsche Women Global (PWG) group was founded by Sara, the owner of the LA Dismantler Porsche salvage yard, with the mission of connecting and empowering women from around the world who own Porsches and in under 12 months the group has grown to nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram.


Open to Porsche Women and with members from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, PWG pretty much has every continent covered! The objectives of PWG are to connect women with the same love and passion for the Porsche brand no matter how they choose to exhibit it, loving, owning, driving, racing, writing, photographing, working on/in etc. Not wanting to exclude the boys, there is a parallel coed group known as Porsche People Global as well. "Our members come from all across-the-board, entrepreneurs, CEOs, upper management, real estate, marketing, sales, healthcare, teaching, technicians mechanics," Sara told us.


Sara at her Porsche salvage yard in Los Angeles. Depending on how active they want to be, Porsche women can follow on social media @porschewomemglobal or join in on chats, via the global group, or by location groups or by interest group the choice is theirs.

With online and physical events held, there are plenty of ways for women to participate in PWG. From global videos, where ladies submit some footage and a member puts a video together or featuring members on their social media channels, the collaboration of

members is extensive. The SoCal coed groups drive every weekend with some ladies participating. Then there are the female only events like Porsches & Horses, High Tea, Holiday Party, Drives, Wine Tasting, meals lunch/dinner/drinks, even a Spa Day coming


Besides owning a Porsche, a background overlap brings the PWG members together. Members get together initially for the cars and stay for the people with a real feeling of '6° of separation' when they realise who they know in common.


"I really enjoy the camaraderie and the support of the PWG. Having these Women together and finding each other is very special. I've been in this industry 25 years, but some are just new to the scene and didn't know there's others like them!" said Sara. This is a

common theme for many 'women in automotive' groups.

l asked Sara if she felt that women engage differently to their Porsches than men, to which she responded, "It's hard to say in general because people men and women engage so differently everywhere from perfectly clean spotless concours cars to those that want to drive as hard as they can in a canyon or on a race track. Some baby their cars, some want only as weekend drivers, some want to drive them daily!"

Sara also mentioned that most track / instructors share that women learn more quickly then men and that they come to the table with less of an ego and are willing to adjust and not think that they already know. Again, something I have heard echoed by many instructors when I have asked how women and men differ when they come to a track day. For Porsche to better engage with female enthusiasts Sara believes that they should not under estimate women or expect that we only want an SUV or special" colour pallet. "My group is engaged at a varying level and degree and all members have individualistic ideas. We don't want to be put into a box," Sara concluded.

New members are always welcome and women who are interested in becoming involved in the Porsche Women Global are invited to connect with Sara and the other ladies via Instagram @porschewomenglobal.