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My dad got a Porsche when I was 10. Then I met my late husband at 20. If I wanted to date him, I had to sit in a cold garage while he tinkered on his Porsches. We started our company, LA Dismantler, in the 90’s and became the most sought-after Porsche parts distributors worldwide. My husband passed 3 years ago, so I had to take back the reins. The business continues to expand globally, and as a widowed mom and entrepreneur, I have my four girls by my side as we grow together. 

LA Distmantler has become one of the world’s largest late model Porsche salvage brokers and dismantling providers of recycled, second-hand and pre-owned Porsche parts for restoration and project owners, dealerships, mechanics, racing teams, Motorsports technicians, engine builders, body shops and repair facilities. The name has become synonymous with customer service, integrity and reliability.