Sell Consign Porsche & Parts

SELL PORSCHE buys Porsches & Parts you are selling from a pre-owned used vintage classic aircooled oldtimer to a watercooled youngtimer current model of 911, Boxster, Cayman. From clean to salvage title damaged, crashed, fire burn, broken, needs to be repaired...We send our own transport, pay cash on delivery. Send us a description and photos, including:

  • Year, Model, and Mileage
  • Title Clean or Salvage or NRJ (Non Repairable Junk) Carfax if available
  • VIN & Options
  • Engine & Gearbox
  • Condition, where serviced; at Porsche Centre or Independent Shop
  • Previous collision history

Few have the money to buy your Porsche which means no hassles, no classified advertising, no answering messages, no setting up visits, no time wasted on test drives with tire kicker.

We buy quickly simply safe and effective so you receive immediate payment. Our Porsche customer service team can help, give your Porsche’s details for a valuation. 


Do you want to sell or consign your new or used Porsche parts?

Send us photos and a list of parts with part numbers if possible. We can pick up from you or you can send us by carrier.

We're actively buying new and used parts of all sorts; body, fuel, interior, electrical, suspension, braking, and so on...


To consign your vehicle with Los Angeles LA Dismantler, send photos & condition description or bring in for a quick pre-consignment evaluation inspection, by our technicians / mechanics. Next time you hear from us your vehicle will be sold.

We connect buyers and sellers around the globe. Contact us for our commission based consignment service. We use appraisal tools and will advertise and market your vehicle as part of our regular inventory to obtain a price you set, fair market value, current market demand and pricing.

Our Consignment Sales Program offers the best opportunity for the seller to maximize return from the sale, with little or no risk or costs until the vehicle is sold (towing, storage, and advertising fees may apply).

Each vehicle is included on the website where your vehicle will be represented to the world and can be seen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It may be listed for sale on sites such as FaceBook Instagram YouTube Twitter RoadStr Tumblr Flickr Pinterest DriveTribe Google Ads PCA and other web based marketing avenues. We place your vehicle where it will best be seen by Porsche worldwide buyers! We maintain a large database of parties seeking specific cars. Someone, somewhere, may be looking for your car, and we may know who they are.

Anyone can run ads, but that's not selling your car. That's just the beginning. There's also responding to all those inquiries; answering phone calls and e-mails, to requests for photos and more questions or detailed descriptions. After that comes appointments to show the car; qualifying and negotiating with each potential buyer, finalizing settlement, funds and title transfers and making all delivery arrangements. All of these take time, and can cost money. Not only do we do all of this for you, it's all included in the consignment fee.

If you are considering the sale of your vehicle, contact us to discuss how our consignment program can help you sell your car. We've successfully represented many vehicles and we welcome the chance to discuss your current needs. Please feel free to contact us for more details, a copy of the consignment contract, terms, and a list of services and applicable fees.


The world of Porsche collecting as a whole has evolved dramatically over the past fifteen years. Porsches are no longer sought strictly for their unique designs, performance or beauty, but coveted as fine art collectables. The demand for and the value of these Porsches has increased dramatically and with the importance of sophisticated expertise in their evaluation, valuation, and selection.

LA Dismantler has a lifelong passion for Porsche. Sara co-founded with her late husband Todd in their 20’s and developed one of the most recognized Porsche salvage yard in the world buying selling & taking apart 1000’s of Porsches over more than two decades. Sara learned about running a premier specialty yard and intricacies of the marque – the strengths and weaknesses, construction methods, rarity and effective marketing approaches. LADismantler unites enthusiasts and collectors obtain the highest quality Porsches & parts available.
Thanks to this experience, LA Dismantler has an enviable list of clients, friends, and contacts around the world and is in a position to offer his clients the very rare combination of Porsche expertise and proven effectiveness in guiding enthusiasts and collectors to the Porsches of their dreams. Please contact us to see how we can assist you in your Porsche pursuit.


Great guide to selling your Porsche by Total 911 by Josh Barnett Part 1&2 &

Buyers’ guide features have been staples of car magazines such as Total 911 for as long as automotive publications have existed. However, for every person buying a Porsche 911, there needs to be someone willing to part with their pride and joy.

When it comes to selling your 911, privately listing on the classifieds is often the go-to option. While unable to command the prices listed by recognised specialists and the Porsche’s approved used scheme, private sales ensure that you receive 100 per cent of the agreed sale price, with no third parties involved. It’s just you and the buyer.

At face value, it can seem like a simple and hassle-free way of offloading your used 911 to the next enthusiastic owner. However, with no outside assistance, you are responsible for preparing the car for sale, taking photos, advertising the car, dealing with phone and email enquiries, facilitating viewings and overseeing the eventual sale of the car.

While the process can feel extremely rewarding (especially once the car is sold), for anyone who has experienced the dreaded ‘tyre kicker’, it can become a frustrating and time-consuming procedure.

While a private sale can provide you with an increased return over a quick sale to a trader, getting hold of that money can sometimes prove difficult too. The internet is full of horror stories about people not getting paid the agreed amount and, while common sense can often prevent the majority of problems, selling privately brings with it its own unique set of risks.

Trading in at a main dealer or specialist is many people’s next choice if a private sale is becoming protracted (or if the money is needed in a hurry). Choosing this path will almost guarantee that your 911 is sold quickly, with the whole process taking less than a couple of hours.

You simply turn up at your local dealer or specialist, they will quote you a price and, once the paperwork is signed, the money is transferred into your account immediately.

It can be an inviting prospect. However, while the majority of traders will be happy to take your 911 off of your hands, this ease of sale will come at a severely discounted rate compared to the price you could achieve by selling privately.

Those in the trade have various overhead costs that need to be factored in, meaning that the price you are offered is often quite a way below what your old car is actually worth.

Choosing to part-exchange your car at a dealer or specialist may see you achieve a slightly better deal than a straight trade-in, as will choosing a specialist over a main dealer franchise but, ultimately, both will be about maximising the respective company’s profit when it comes to reselling the car.

If, at this point, you are thinking, ‘What other options do I have?’ then our third possibility might just be the sale process for you. Sale or return combines many of the attributes of both private sale and trading in, and is a service offered by specialists such as Hertfordshire-based RPM Technik.

In short, your 911 is sold via a recognised specialist, but at a price agreed between you and the trader. As the car remains in your ownership until the ultimate sale, you are able to pull the car from sale if you wish, or if the sale is taking too long.

“The main benefit of sale or return compared to selling privately is that we’re a dedicated specialist with all the facilities and all the assurances in place,” explains RPM Technik salesman Greig Daily. “We have the technical know-how, the advertising, the footfall through our website and showroom, allowing us to get a good market price for it [your car].”

Financially, sale or return doesn’t hit your wallet quite so hard as trading in at a dealer either. “We don’t have quite the same overheads as a main dealer does,” Daily says “and because we’re not having to financially stock the car with our own funds, there is another cost taken out of the sale of the car.”

This isn’t to say that sale return is a free service. RPM charge a commission fee based on the agreed value of your car, although it still leaves you better off than a straight sell to an OPC, for example.

Sale or return also provides an ease of sale that can’t be found when selling privately. “You’re not going to have to take time off work to see someone who potentially lets you down and doesn’t show up,” explains Daily.

It also ensures that the cars RPM take onboard under the sale or return scheme are of the highest quality, maintaining their reputation as purveyors of some of the finest 911s in the country, as well as facilitating the unseen sale of cars to oversees customers.

The whole process starts on the phone, with most of RPM’s enquiries coming through their existing base of service and sales customers, as well as referrals based on the excellent service experienced by others.

The first ‘qualification conversation’ is crucial, according to Daily, as it sets out exactly what the seller is hoping to achieve and, “if done right, saves a lot of faff for both parties in the long term.”

It gives Daily a chance to see if sale or return is the correct path to take. For example, a cherished classic is ideal for sale or return, while a depreciating 997 Carrera Gen2 is more suited to a quicker sales process. Once out of the way, RPM encourage the owner to take their car into the showroom to get a feel for the staff and the environment.

After that, it is time for the PPI inspection (a process that is outlined on the phone). As soon as the car arrives at the showroom, Daily plugs a diagnostic computer in to check for over-revs recorded on the engine’s management system.

While a 996 has just two over-rev categories, 997s have six categories, with RPM accepting cars that have any ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘3’ category over-revs recorded. Anything higher is mechanical and may have suffered internal damage. It also wouldn’t be covered by a Porsche warranty.

On classic 911s, a leak test is performed (at RPM’s own cost) with losses of up to ten per cent accepted. If the figures are “anywhere from 25 to 30 per cent upwards, a rebuild is recommended.”

Similarly, on 996s onwards (bar Mezger-engined cars) a boroscope inspection is carried out to check for bore-scoring or IMS failure. This is just a simple case of taking a spark plug and performing the inspection.

If the engine’s ECU readings are favourable, Daily will also perform a quick paint depth check to ascertain if the car has had any panel repair. While an untouched car is preferred, resprays are accepted “as long as there is a paper trail and a genuine reason for having the work done. What you want is a photo before, during, and after,” Daily explains.

Assuming the ECU and paint checks are passed (as well as a quick road test) Daily then agrees values with the owner, as well as talking through RPM’s fees and their likely net return. “At that point I’m quite blunt about the fact that the car will be PPId,” he says.

This is the stage where the car goes into RPM’s fully kitted-out workshop, where their trained technicians perform a 110-point check of the entire car. Once this has been done, the seller is provided with a list of items filtered into three categories: features that need to be fixed to make the car safe for sale, advisory items that would benefit the sale, and minors that aren’t detrimental (such as a stone chip on the front bonnet).

“Once the PPI is done, I will talk them [the customer] through those [points] and explain to them the bits that we suggest need to be done,” explains Daily. “If they don’t agree with that or refuse to do it, we can’t take it any further and they’ll just have to pay for the PPI, and that’s that.”

If you choose to proceed, once the required work has been carried out the car is then transferred to an adjoining bay for a geometry check before heading next door to Extreme Detailing to be readied for photography and the showroom.

Like any of the work required after the PPI, the detailing is one of the costs recovered by RPM in the sale price and, although some owners may be offended when told their car needs a professional detail, transparency is key according to Daily.

“I’ve had cars come in here that are astonishing, but the majority need a detail. On the phone it can offend some people, but when they get here I explain what I mean by ‘it needs a detail’.”

After photographing and listing the car, it is then a case of finding the right buyer. Usually, RPM will only accept the asking price but, “if the offer is a little bit off and it’s sensible,” Daily will “put that offer to the owner to see if a deal can be agreed.”

RPM aim for a four-week turnaround from getting the car in for its inspection to passing the car onto its new owner. It’s an aggressive time scale, but Daily is proud of the company’s success rate, with around 90 to 95 per cent of sale or return cars sold.

It can, of course, take longer than the four-week target depending on the market and the type of 911 on offer, though, hence why Daily suggests the process suits appreciating rather than depreciating Porsches.

Whether its to fund a newer model or it’s the painful end of a wonderful 911 relationship, if you have a desirable 911, sale or return might just be the unknown sales method you’ve been looking for to maximise your return.